There are several surefire ways to increase the income you earn through your webcam performances. There’s all the technical approaches, like changing your broadcast schedule to only be working during high-traffic times, like weekends, evenings and holidays. Then there’s cross-over income you can earn by selling your used panties, or creating wish lists where your loyal fans can “gift” you things you want or need.

But one of the easiest ways to expand your audience, which will generate higher income for you, is to understand the difference between two of the main distinguishing points in the adult entertainment industry, then adopting these into your marketing. Adding a few of these elements will increase traffic to your webcasts, and help bring a more consistent viewership to stabilize your base earning potential.

What is a niche?

A niche is a generalized category, and something that every cam model falls into. Think: teen, MILF, lesbian, Latina or Asian, etc. After that, there are subcategories such as: big boobs, bubble-butt, hair color, etc. And then we look at the general theme of your shows: solo or group sex, bondage, striptease. You can really play up the stereotype you fall into, but this is the basis of your brand, the consistent thing you bring to your audience.

What is a fetish?

A fetish is a specialty or subcategory that you can add to attract customers who have a high interest in a particular object or trait. Things like: types of lingerie, tattoos and piercings, glasses, shoes, etc. And behavioral ones, like applying makeup, eating or smoking. There are literally thousands of fetishes that compliment the niche you fall into, mostly just things you can choose to wear!

Now that you’ve got a good handle on the basics, you can really start making more money by playing up all the attributes of your niche, and drawing in special interest viewership for the fetishes you include, as well. Or create holiday themed special events: they’ve got to see your sexy interpretation of Mrs. Claus being spanked for trying out all the new sex toys that Santa made this year.

(A word of caution, here. If you do something like always wear a certain costume during your shows, that will become your niche. So, unless you keep it fresh by playing some back and forth with what you offer, you could risk limiting your audience.)

Playing up the niche elements in your shows draws the larger customer base, and the fetishes bring in new clientele and loyal followers because you’ve touched on a unique element they also have an interest in. Incorporating niche and fetish elements into your shows increases your marketability, opens you to a larger audience, and keeps things fresh because you can always add a few elements, here and there, just for fun!