You must be at least 18 years or older, the laws are very strict about this. You also need a current driver’s license, state issued ID, military ID, or passport with you when you come in for your interview. If your ID is about to expire within the next 30 days then it will be rejected as well.

NY cam studio is a female only studio. Therefore, we never work with single men and/or couples. We want our models to be as comfortable as possible while working here, so men please do not apply.

Finally, you must know how to flirt and grab a guys attention. Customers pay between $3-$12 per minute for a fantasy role play with the models online. Each customer will have a particular taste in what type of model he prefers and what fetishes he desires. Therefore, we work with models of all ages, races, and body types. So “no, you are not too old to work here” and “yes, we work with larger models”. All you need to be is confident, sexy, flirtatious, enjoy attention, and love to flirt.