Before you start being a cam model, evaluate yourself and make sure to be able to handle the following: 

Webcam modeling needs to be treated like a real job

To be a webcam performer takes a very dedicated woman, or man, who is willing to be self-motivated, and self-promoting. In many ways this is harder than the common 9-5 job. You will have to hold yourself accountable for a schedule, and be the driving force behind the product. Working at home is not as easy as one would think. To make it big, you must have dedication and determination to succeed.

You must be disciplined to show up, and perform. It is a real job. It comes with a real pay check, but what most take advantage of is not having a boss to yell at you when you don’t arrive on time.  Therefore, you must have the motivation and discipline to be a successful webcam model.

Consistent schedule and unpredictable earnings

When you do not follow a consistent schedule, you risk losing a potential client or a repeat client. Therefore, you must stick to working specific days and hours. For example, a model may work 4pm to 11pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

How do you know what hours to work? It is a combination of finding the hours where you have the most energy and where you can make the most money. It will take trial and error but over time you will figure out the best hours for you.

Webcam modeling earnings are very unpredictable, there is no way to know which hours you will make the most money in. Therefore, you must be patient and not give up when you go a few hours without making money.

Outside factors may cause your earnings to fluctuate. Is it summer? Vacation time? Is there a holiday around the corner? All of this might change the amount you make. Never depend on making as much this week as last until you have checked what is going on in the world around you.

Webcam modeling involves nudity and sexuality

This is the adult entertainment industry; further, expect to be live on camera naked performing sexual acts with an audience watching. Are you able to handle this?

Dealing with rude and difficult customers

Some of the customers are nice and others are extremely rude, but remember, not everyone in this world will like you. You need to have thick skin, and the ability to let the comments of others not reflect how you feel about yourself. Some people in the world wake up with a chip on their shoulder and the desire to ruin the day of others. Don’t take this personal. You won’t please everyone, but if you have done the job that was arranged, hold that head high, and let the world know that you cannot be broken.

A smile on your face is the greatest comeback to someone who might not be as blessed as you are. Never allow them to see you down. People feed upon the pain of others.

When you are live on cam, you must remain positive and have a good attitude

You’ve had a bad day, just remember, it’s your bad day, not the clients. You need to put on that smile and give the client what they paid for. You are selling the most important product in the world. Yourself. Make it great. That client should never know that your day was not the best. They are here for a reason. To get a show from an attractive female/male. One bad show can drive the most loyal client away. Always keep a smile on your face, and let them think you’ve never had a better day than today.

If you decide web cam is not a good fit, here are a few other options within the adult industry

Webcam is only a small subset of the adult industry, there is still a whole other ecosystem out there. The most similar adult job to webcam is exotic dancing.

Exotic dancers – They tend to make about the same money as webcam, sometimes more.

Dommes or girls that work in BDSM – another big area of the adult industry. There is more interaction than camming and you need to be more open minded as different guys have more extreme fetishes than other. The money can be good but not as good as erotic massage, given there is less physical contact.

Body rub girl / erotic massage model –   Girls that work in body rub can make a lot of money, sometimes up to $1,000 to $1,500 per day. For more details, click here

Wishing you all success and good luck on the path you decide to take.