In order to close a new client on webcam; you must be: presentable, personable, persuasive, and aim to please

What are the reasons?

Presentable: Attracts prospective client into the room

Always look your best when trying to attract new clients. This might mean make up, a specific hair style, or a sexy outfit. Look as if you are trying to impress a guy.

In addition, make sure the room you are in is clean, has good lighting, and reflects positively on you.

Personable: Prospective client stays in the room

Looks are not everything. Webcam hobbyists look for girls that are fun to talk to and act interested in you. Always be friendly and have positive energy.

Hobbyists also like when you mention their username or respond to their chat questions.  The ultimate goal is to get them to stay in the room and be engaged.

Persuasive: Prospective client goes into private/exclusive chat

In order to get them to go private/exclusive, you must sell them on why to do show without giving away anything for free. You need to tease them on what they are going to get in the show.

Aim to Please: Client spends more / Client becomes a regular

Customize the show to their liking gets them to stay private/exclusive for longer time periods and increases your chances of retaining them as a regular client. This means you need to get to know the client and what they want. Be accommodating to their needs without going past your personal boundaries.

These are all some helpful guidelines for new webcam models. Stay tuned for more tips that will make you a better webcam model!