Why work with us instead of directly for a cam company? (put pictures next to each item)

I. We provide training and support to all of our models
We know that some of you are new to this business, and you will need feedback and guidance in helping you to create your best webcam performances. A few of you have already taken the plunge, and after having worked in this business for a while, you are interested in increasing your revenue. No matter how good you are, there will always be things to learn: from integrating new technology to increasing your audience. New York Cam Studios is available for support during all hours of your shift; to help you improve your broadcasts and to maximize your earning potential.

II. We pay faster (Daily) for studio girls

Adult entertainment is one of the highest paying fields to work in. But even the highest grossing porn star has a budget and overhead costs. We respect your need for a quick turnaround for the investment of your time and creative energies. New York Cam Studios pays all models daily! That should make even Monday become bearable! Daily pay helps you determine your earning potential, and it also allows you to analyze your performances to see which content produced more income.

III. We provide high-end equipment and professionally designed studio rooms (commercial space, clean, safe)
We provide all the high-end production equipment you need for the best broadcast, integrating the latest technology to bring your viewers the best experience. In addition, we provide you with professionally designed studio rooms in clean, safe commercial spaces that are conveniently located near you. You can design your own, or use a standard set. Ultimately, New York Cam Studios saves you thousands of dollars that you would have to pay out to acquire all that equipment, if you were to operate independently, or want to upgrade the technology you may already own.

IV. We market you and find ways to maximize your earning potential

We take care of the advertising and marketing for you! We have trained professionals who will analyze the demographics of your target audience, finding ways to expand your viewership. Committed studio members will have the option of building subscription sites or individual clips that will provide additional sources of income outside of camming.

V. You have the ability to help you work from home and the studio
Although we prefer cam girls to work in the studio, we do allow cam girls to work from home whenever they can’t make it in or want to do additional hours.

What You Need to Succeed

It’s easy to get started with camming.

A Computer

Most people already have a computer lying around that they use for college or work. This is the most basic aspect of camming that you will use to interface with users by talking them and typing to them, and using webcam software to put on live cam shows whenever you want. A mac or PC will do just fine.

Fast Internet

You will definitely want a high speed internet connection to ensure a high quality feed going to your viewers without any freezes, skips or jumps. High speed internet is readily available in most communities.

A Webcam

Many computers come with a built in webcam but this is really not enough. You should get an external HD webcam that you can use which will be better quality than the one that came with your laptop or desktop.

Good Lighting

Everyone’s budget is different but lighting can make a big difference. You want the lighting to be soft enough that it is sexy but bright enough that people can see all the details that you want them to.

A Good Mic

Not only do you want to be able to be seen by your favorite online clients, you want to be able to talk to them too! Getting a microphone will give you and your viewers high quality audio for maximum pleasure.